Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hi there. It has been a while since I've posted, but it does not mean that my life is quiet. In fact my head is spinning with thoughts but none that easily get out of my head and are put into print. Sometimes I feel like a broken record, a circle that goes round and round. I've been writing putting words to paper-real paper, feeling the pen against the grain. That is where I've spent the past few weeks. This past week-end I visited my mother in Scottsdale. I've not seen her since her surgery and it was good to have her up and about. Dealing with issues of an aging parent is frustrating and scary. I've yet to figure out the positive in it. This is partly what I write about in my journal, a purging. I also write to find courage and I only find that by living through a day at a time and discovering that what I was so afraid of did not kill me. When thoughts stay in my mind they tend to grow and distort. Little bumps become mountains. That is the importance of my journal, it frees me. Words that belong in private, stored away out of my head. From "dear diary" of years ago, to colorful pages of today my journals are a source of pleasure, release and sanity.


  1. Wow...I love the swan and the next photo too, that reminds me of a quilt. It's funny...I just read over at Sharon Lovejoy's blog an article about journaling. I swear, there are no accidents in life. Things happen to us for a reason and what we see and read is so important to us and much more so that we take notice of it and then act on it. Nice writing. I do hope that your Mom is doing well.

  2. I understand your frustrations of living with the cares and decisions and worries involved in aging parent(s), because I am in the same boat. I treasure the time with them, and regret that I live so far away... and I write, too, to anchor the spinning fears on paper. best wishes, sus

  3. it is hard to see the positives about caring for our aging parents. for me, it gave me time one on one to sit with my papa and learn more about his past as he gratefully reminisced. I also thought a lot about how I wanted to be treated and how I wanted to age. I know journaling helped me. xox

  4. Oh yes, I also understand that broken record feeling. Round and round, always ending up with a mind and heart full of the same worries. My parents, too, are at the point of having to give up doing certain things they've done their whole lives. Yet they are still fiercely fighting to hold onto their independence for as long as they can. I know I will be the same, if I'm blessed with an equally long life.

    Wishing your mom a speedy recovery,and wishing you peace of mind.

  5. sometimes it's good just to write things down with pen and paper... i know what you mean about letting them go instead of just allowing them to roll around in your head. your journal is very lovely.

  6. I know just what you mean by thoughts going round and round in your mind without really resolving anything. Just giving us worry and anxiety. I deal with that constantly - and like you I find it helpful to write them down and put them away. Or to talk with someone about my worries - that also helps make them smaller. Most of them time - at least with things I worry about - it never comes to pass and I've just wasted all that time and energy. Tricky, isn't it?!

    Your journal pages are beatuiful!! Truly! Love, Silke

  7. So good to know that you are journaling, and the sneak peeks of your journal pages look fab. I know what you mean about thoughts going round and round your head - I am particularly bad if I wake up during the night.

  8. Just stopping by to say hello and send a hug! Hope you are enjoying life!! Hugs, Silke

  9. Hi there...glad to hear you are well.
    I wanted to let you know your link is up over at crescendoh,com
    Thank you for participating during my guest curator week over there.
    Take care...Becca

  10. Aging is not allot of fun is it...
    My father is 85 and he is very sprite for his age but he does suffer from dread and fear of dying. It's hard to comfort someone who you know is nearer to the end than the beginning.
    We all must find our own peace.

    HUGS and I am glad journaling helps you.


  11. Hello Lorrie,

    I haven't seen you blog in quite awhile, and I am hoping everything is alright with you and yours.
    All the best