Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moments of joy

The work week is over. Yeah! I get to rest, relax, sit by the fire, catch up on my journal and do a little blogging. Experiences instead of situations is what I spent my time thinking about these past days. I read that situations often do not bring us the pleasure we thought they would but experiences-moments in time often bring us joy. I thought a lot about that at work this week, that the work situation on a whole can be rather negative but if I look at the small experiences during the day it is not always so bad. I tried to concentrate on that this week, paying more attention to the little positive things that happened during the day trying to let the negative ones go immediately. I found myself less angry and frustrated when the day was over. It really is a lesson in staying in the moment one that is so important but one that I have to remind my self of over and over again. Enjoying the sunset, fleeting in time as it is was a way of experiencing joy in the desert this past week-end. "THE DAY BROKE LIKE AN EGG INTO FULL SUNSET AND THE WATER CAUGHT FIRE" johnson. I hope you all have a restful week-end.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Relaxing in the Mojave desert is what I've been up to for the past several days. It was glorious to get out of the dreary grey weather and soak up some sunshine for a few short days. The first photo I posted was the view out our trailer window for the time we were there. The desert is so vast it makes one feel small even tiny. I like that especially when I've allowed situations to become big in my mind, I can be in the desert and refocus. Walking along the sandy trails, through sage brush, yucca plants, and the oh so lovely Joshua tree I absorbed the emptiness of the desert and let go. Before I had gone I had purchased a little set of travel water colors and played with putting paint to paper. Again another lesson in letting go. Much of this week-end was spent in refection the desert does that to me it is quiet out there and all that space gives one the chance to ponder. I have more to say on this but not tonight I'll leave you all with a quote I found that I love."WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE SAME END. SO IT IS NOT SO MUCH WHICH ROAD YOU TAKE AS HOW YOU TAKE IT"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Washi tape

This week-end being behind as usual, I've been constructing my journal for my online journaling class. In doing so I discovered a new love-Washi tape. It is from Japan a type of masking tape that comes in different widths and colors. It is so much fun and makes putting a journal together so easy. I had to take a 2011 day planner and add watercolor paper, envelopes, tags ect to it. The Washi tape made it easy to do and it seems to have held together well. Birds are the subject of my day planner with lots of nice illustrations of birds, also many bird facts. Did you know that the American Robin lives to be 13 years old? And that one ruby throated hummingbird had only 940 feathers? Part of my daily "chore" is to draw how like the weather I feel and one word that describes me. I'm having a little difficulty with today-is misty a weather? It is how I feel, not crying but near tears feeling bad for loved ones that are hurting, and I don't know how to help. Its also misty outside, foghorns blowing in the distance and sense of melancholy in the air.

Monday, January 10, 2011


I know that in many places all over the nation people are buried in snow and cold. It is cold here in Ca. but there is no snow. Leaves are heavy on the ground where folk have neglected to rake and it gives good ground cover for that tender spring growth. I've not seen much of the new growth but than I've been doing what most living things do this time of year-hibernating. In my basement is a woodburning stove, I spend much time down there in front of it reading and napping. I often feel like the tender young sprout that is buried in the dirt staying warm during the cold winter months, blossoming in spring. To kick start myself I've begun an online journaling class, called "NO MORE EXCUSES". Off and on through out my entire life I've kept a journal of sorts, visual journals have been wonderful for me and I love the peace of mind they bring me. I am excited about this class, knowing I can start it in my cozy basement and carry it with me into the sunshine this spring.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Creative energy

It is cold and overcast outside. We were suppose to go to our trailer for the weekend, but the weather was not nice enough so we are staying home. It leaves me a little lost with time on my hands, I know I should be creative but I can't seem to get things together. I've read that the best way to do things is to just start and the juices begin to flow but even that is difficult for me today. In Feb I'm going to An Artful Journey Retreat to take a Nina Bagley workshop. I can't seem to get enough of her. I've taken several workshops from her in the past and just love them, every time I learn something new and I love spending time with her. Also the Artful Journey is a great retreat, taught over 3 days in the redwoods of Northern Ca. with wonderful food, a small group of women less than 100 so it is not too overwhelming. I know that as of last week Nina still had a couple places left in her class if anyone is interested, I highly recommend it. Gathering up supplies for the class is fun, creative in itself. I have a little pottery bird that I hope to incorporate into my design and some lovely pink peruvian opals. Nina will be teaching her crocheting technique which I am quite excited about. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.