Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Come with me into the field of sunflowers. Their faces are burnished disks, their dry spines creak like ship masts, their green leaves, so heavy and many, fill all day with the sticky sugars of the sun. Come with me to visit the sunflowers, they are shy but want to be friends;----- Mary Oliver

Monday, September 28, 2009

Filling the void

"My" farmers market was taken over this weekend by an Italian festival. Where the fruit and vegetable stalls normally were parked, booths of crafts and food goodies filled in instead. The farmers market still went on but was set up on a side street. My favorite tomato vendor was not there. I was thrilled the town was hosting a festival but was disappointed in the caliber of arts and crafts. I do not consider Mary Kay or Tupperware items that should be sold at an art fair. So as you can imagine the whole event seemed rather shabby and sad to me. I felt bad for the artist that were there sitting in the hot sun without much enthusiasm. One good part of the event was the sidewalk painters, I wish there had been more. I took these photos at about 4pm the girl who was painting said she had started at 10am. I imagined her sitting on that sea of blue getting lost in the colors and losing all sense of time. That meditative process fills voids that have long been empty and had no answers. I am coming to realize that I've spent many years ignoring the "artist" in me and have been so empty because of it. Doing art has brought me so much peace that I can't imagine my life ever without it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Redecorating complete

The redecorating project in the living room and dinning room is done. Yesterday the drapes came home from the dry cleaners and my husband put them up. I've spent the entire day trying to get a good photo but have given up. I just can't capture how pretty the metallic fire place is it keeps turning out this garish shade of green that is not accurate at all! I almost did not post pictures over the dismay I felt but thought I wanted to show the difference in the room. So you will have to let yourself imagine that it looks quite a bit prettier than the photos show, much softer and subtle if you can picture it. I am now on to the kitchen, nothing more than a major cleaning. One does not realize how dirty your house is until you repaint the walls and get up into all the little nooks you don't see every day. For those who can not tell, the white living room is the before and the blue living room is the after---. Now you should see the spare bedroom where all that "cute" art work is hanging out, that's a project for another day!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

At your leisure

Pushing my comfort zone I tried something new an online course through Creative Workshops. It was Shades of Grey taught by Pam Carriker. I loved it. The course included 3 video lessons that you could watch and rewatch at your leisure. Pam was very good on the camera, explaining things well and easily so it was not difficult to follow. I learned some new techniques, and have started a new black and white journal. Right now I am keeping quotes in it. What was so nice about the class was the ability to watch the video when you felt like it, one evening I took a lesson at 10pm when I could not sleep. It was also nice not to have to dress up and leave the house. Now I'm spending my time doodling in my journal, practicing shading with a graphite pencil and caran d'ache colors. I never knew the "shades of grey" could be so much fun!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The first day of fall, when light equals darkness. Oh how I love this time of year. The smells of burning leaves, the feel of crunchy twigs under your feet. I love how the squirrels seem extra hurried rushing for that extra nut or two for the winter nest. I imagine them getting ready for a long rest curled deep in a cozy nest while the winter winds blow. And I guess that is what I love so much about this season after a summer of long hot days, I like the feeling of anticipation that fall brings. Change is in the winds. I can get ready for a long winter rest. To recoup from the adventures of the summer. To enjoy the warmth of home, to put my feet up -it is no longer expected that I be "out and about". And what I love best in the world is to be in my own home with those that I love. Fall represents coming home to me and there is no place better than home.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Today I drove down to a friends house and spent the day visiting, creating, and visiting some more. We live some distance apart and so do not get together as often as I would like but it is always good to see her. Not only is she a good friend but she has a studio to die for and every art supply imaginable. I always know I will learn something new or come away with some special treat for my supply bag. Today she helped me with the final stages of a book I've been trying to put together for the past year. I had the covers glued together and the signatures cut. But stitching it together had me scared to death. Mention the words ruler, measurements, division, addition, anything that sounds like math and I run screaming. Anyway it wasn't that way at all only something I had created in my mind. Today I tackled it and got it stitched together and now have a new handmade journal! Not only did I make a book, but I feel that the ties of our friendship are deeper and strengthened after the day spent together. It was a good day.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall harvest

Making the usual Sunday rounds, I hit the farmers market, Target and Borders for a New York Times. Although there is that coolness in the morning air that lets you know fall is here and winter not far behind, we are in the midst of an Indian Summer. The days are hot. The skies are clear and sunny. But walking around the market there was little "summer" produce and all those wonderful fruits you expect to find in the fall. Apples, pears, figs, pumpkins ,winter squash and pomegranates. We have a border of pomegranate bushes in our back yard but they did not produce any fruit this year. Today is my husbands birthday I'm not baking a cake, but will make him brownies-those are his favorite and I rarely make them so they should be a treat. Even if it is hot out the house will still smell good with baking chocolate, one can never go wrong with that.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Out and about the other day I drove past a bill board that had the best message on it. Traffic was too crazy to allow me to take a photo so here it is as best as I remember. RECESSION 101: THEY CAN'T REPOSSESS YOUR FUTURE. Carry that with you this week end and have a good one!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

14 Years

Sept. 16 1995 was our wedding day. It has been 14 years, and when I say it out loud it sounds like a long time. But when I think in my mind over the past years it feels like only yesterday. Like any two people who have been together that long, we have been through bad and good times. But I can honestly say that I love my husband more today than I did when I married him. And I, knowing what I know would remarry him in a heart beat. I'm a better person for knowing my husband, because of him and inspite of him I've grown and am growing. He allows me the personal space I need and that is important in a relationship. I came across my headpiece I wore when we got married, my mother gave it to me as a wedding gift. It is beautiful and I have it displayed in my china cabinet. Seeing it reminds me of how special that day was, how special I felt and how special today is to celebrate an anniversary of love and commitment.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What a hand can hold

My hand can hold so many things. My fingers grip and tighten. Muscles tense and then relax. From holding natures wonders to holding a darling little necklace made by Robin and the Sage. Check out her etsy store she has all kinds of delightful creations. I find that I use my hands to help define my world. To hold something in your hands makes that object a precious thing, it becomes alive. The world becomes a more vibrant place with touch. Love becomes so much more love when one is held. My heart so much more open and giving when held by someone I trust. Tonight I will hold someone I love close to me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Golden Leaves

I have returned. Our weekends away are full of so much of the same activities and yet they feel like a new and fresh adventure every time we go. One day was spent dodging rain storms. I felt all cozy and warm with my cup of coffee in hand, listening to the rain drops dance their noisy tune on the metal trailer. Walking outside between the showers I was flooded with the fresh clean but dusty smell of just rinsed sage. I felt so alive. The next morning the sun was shinning and we were able to hike to a patch of glowing Aspens. Growing up in the midwest we called them Poplars or Cottonwoods. But what ever name they are known as, in the fall they give off the most beautiful display of golden color one can see in the forest. It is early in the season but we were lucky that a small area was starting to turn. We will not be back to the trailer until all the leaves are dead and on the ground so I was lucky to get the little bit of Aspen fix that I got!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lazy days

Since work has been so light, I'm able to take a vacation day on Friday. We are headed to Bambi and the "ridge" or the woods depending on the weather. This will be our last trip to the mountains before the winter sets in. Next trip we will be moving it to the Mojave desert. So we must take advantage of the time and do a lot of napping and general laying around. Nothing unusual from our regular trips. They are wonderful lazy days. I won't be back until Monday. Talk to you all then.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A lucky gal

Today I was sent home early from work. Our work load is down and when there is a light day we are often sent home early. Last night on the news I heard that the average 40 hr. week has become a 33 hr. week. I came home to nearly half of the living room painted. I had imagined the paint color this awful shade of green while I was at work. And was pleasantly surprised to walk in the door and like what I saw. My husband was not in the best of moods though so I quickly exited and went and sat in the back yard, enjoying the late summer sun. Our deck is partially covered with a grape vine that is full of ripe sweet smelling fruit. I'm not a grape person but I discovered that the fig tree was hiding some ripe little treasures and they tasted so good, still warm from the sun and oh so sweet. Full of figs and sweet thoughts I tiptoed past my husband who is still working in the living room and wrote this post. I think I'm a pretty lucky gal.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

The decision was made and yes it was the swatch in the middle, called "faded seafoam" by Ralph Lauren. What I am especially excited about is that I bought one of his specialty paints, a metallic finish in a color called "great hall" it goes great with the wall color. I am going to paint the fireplace and front door with this paint. Today is Labor day for our nation a holiday that represents the end of summer. It was begun in the 1800's to celebrate the hard working people of our nation. This year with unemployment near the 10% mark, and many of those employed afraid for their jobs it seems as if we have little to celebrate. But inspite of hardships we must find a way to look above and beyond what might be right it our faces. This year I personally will be thankful that I do have a job. I will celebrate the fact that because my husband is not working he will be able to help me paint our living/dinning room and the job will get done that much quicker! May you and yours have a wonderful day.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Let the party begin. I've started the fun but frustrating process of picking out a paint color for my living room walls. Being one who has only ever dared to paint with the color white or beige and always thinking of what would be best for "buyers". Except we've lived in our house 12 years and have no plans of moving. It is scary and nearly impossible to think of something in a color. I know I'm already behind the times by loving the color scheme of brown and blue but that is what is going on in my living room. I've been painting various shades on the walls, thank goodness for those little sample jars. This one is too dark, too green, just like my fathers corvette (what an ugly car that must have been!),too blue, just too much color the list goes on and on. Soon I'll be running out on daylight and will have to stop the process. But I am trying to pick one out before the sale goes off tomorrow. I think I'll head back to the living room make a cup of tea, watch some paint dry and try to choose among my many options painted on the wall.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday market

Fall is in the air. We may have some warm days and unusual heat spells. But the smell of autumn is in the breeze. I most definitely knew it when I went to the farmers market today and saw the line up of vegetables and fruits. Pears, apples, melons and peanuts! Growing up in the midwest I did not realize that peanuts were an autumn harvest but they were there in abundance at the market today. I usually go the market on Sundays but tried a different one today. Fortunately my favorite farmer goes to the same market so I was able to stock up on late season heirloom tomatoes. Tonight we are having grilled salmon with a maple syrup/mustard sauce that sounds pretty good and easy. If it turns out I'll pass out the recipe. I think I'll also bake afew apples for dessert, the wind has that chill in the air that makes one want to turn the oven on and fill the house with good smells of something baked.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Wandering around my neighbors yard I was enjoying her many rose bushes. It was a relaxing end to a busy week. I went with my camera and lost myself in the magic of the pictures I saw through the lenses and in my minds eye. It was that magic time of day when the sun is low in the sky and the light looks as if it is filtered through muslin. The air was fragrant with the sweet, spicy and oh so delicate bloom of rose. I could only smell it on the wind and when I went hunting for it, it would elude me. What a wonderful way to relax and let go. Coming in the house and looking through my photos the ones I enjoyed the most were the ones of the old tired roses. They have beautiful texture looking like an old tapestry with bead work and I imagined the dried out stamens as little bits of twisted metal. I suppose you have to have an imagination, but try to imagine along with me because they really are quite lovely.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mid week

Today is the middle of my work week. Things have settled down at work. But I really think it is more that I have settled down a bit. It was really good for me to get away this past week end. I am surrounding myself with positive energy. Instead of dwelling on the negative I think about what I have. At work where many people are negative I've been trying to seek out those who are positive. It helps to have a no gossip policy at work, things have been much quieter! Sometimes it is easy to get in the mind set that your job owes you more than a pay check. I'm trying to remember what I am there for and what I am being paid for and trying my best to do an honest job that I can be proud of. If I'm busy doing my job, full of gratitude for my job and all the blessings I have in my life then how can I have the time for negative thoughts or actions?