Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Attitude adjustment

I am readjusting my attitude after my visit with my sister. It is interesting to have an outsider come into your home and "see" how you live. The habits and routines that seem so normal to you can sometimes be bizarre or crazy to someone else. My husband is a fanatic about the heat. Basically I live in a cold house. It is battle that is too big to fight and one that I have given up on. Well when my sister came the battle resumed. I wanted a warm home for my sister, after all she lives in Scottsdale and is use to the heat. After several "heated" discussions it was discovered that my husband dislikes using our furnace but does not mind a space heater. I am currently sitting in my studio beside the warmth of a little space heater. The rest of the house is freezing but I am nice and warm in my studio where it counts! By the way Penny-Penny is feeling better although she needs to be on antibiotics for 1 month and may require surgery.


  1. First of all, I am so glad Penny-Penny is feeling better! Do you know what was going on with her? Isn't it funny how we compromise on things? I notice how often I tolerate something around the house that would take me 10 minutes to fix or take care of. Yet, I put up with it for days. Not sure why... I'm glad you are toasty warm in your little studio!! Hugs, Silke

    P.S. Can you teach me to take photos like you?!?

  2. Buddy and I are so glad to hear Penny-Penny is doing well. We continue to send our best wishes.

    Cold here too. Our only heat is really 2 woodstoves...which I love....and I am so lucky that John splits kindling and wood for the small stoves or I would be at Costco buying that big heat dish. I could never manage the firewood situation here alone...

    Stay cozy....


  3. Ha, that's just what I want for my studio is a little space heater. It feels great to be toasty while you work!!

  4. Your post really hit home. My son and I are known as "The Arctic Twins" because we love the house to be on the cold side. My husband and daughter love the heat ... if it's 95F outside it's even better. Finding a balance is almost impossible! Wait 'til you go through menopause ... that's another treat!

  5. Just me and Buddy stopping by to check on Penny-Penny and sending love and best wishes....

  6. Lorrie I tried to call you tonight but i have the wrong number . i don't know if you have mine it's 480-649-2581. Everything looks really good that is very superficial on the bladder wall.
    love and hugs

  7. and you have that great fireplace heater too...i love our visits by the fire....to heck with the rest of the house....
    loving you...just got word of your mom...sorry...see you tomorrow my love

  8. To heck with the whinning sister !!!! Oh that would be me!!! Go to my blog and see scooter!!