Monday, July 5, 2010

Restless Days

Everyone is holding there own in the Lilylovekin home. It was a quiet 4th of July. Fortunately our dogs do not get freaked out about fire works and so there was no distress over the loud noises last night. I am a little lost being home with all this time on my hands and a wander from room to room trying to find something to hold my interest. My journal pages are half full, my closest has spilled out into the bedroom as I try and sort through things I no longer wear, a book moves from room to room as I pick it up reading a page here and there. Nothing keeping me interested too long. I am heading to An Artful Journey retreat with DJ Petitt in two weeks to take a 3 day class, learning her painting and book making techniques-even this holds little thrill for me. I'm sure once I get there things will be better, I love what she does her work is beautiful. I spend much time sitting under these grapes that are growing out on our deck, the warm breezes of the summer are sweetly fragrant with a gentle perfume and it is a peaceful place to be. I find although I am restless I am not worried about it and know it will pass.


  1. I know that feeling, Lorrie! It's going on with me right now... I have so many projects to be excited about and I don't have the staying power to do any of them. My mind is hopping and skipping and not focusing on much. But, as you say, it'll pass...

    Your will love your workshop! I so love her art and am excited for you!!

    Much love, Silke

  2. i am home for a few hours and was thinking about you....

    sending prayers and love to you , my friend


  3. My thoughts are with you in the LL house.Its no wonder you are restless.

  4. Oh Lorrie I am envious of your class with D.J. I hope your days get better. Sending prayers your way.