Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dreamy days

Dreaming is what I do much of these days. The temperature has been warm and it feels like summer. It is light out until late, not getting dark until after 9pm. Those wonderful long lazy summer days. Sitting out on the back patio one hears lawn mowers, bits of conversation, the broken voices of radio or tv-it floats through my mind and almost becomes meditative. We had planned to be camping this weekend but Lily is too sick and weak to be away from home. My husband says he will know when the time has come but it is not yet so we continue to love and care for her. And dream is what I do, dream of days past and dream of days to come. My heart it full of love and thankfulness.


  1. Oh Lorrie! I know there is nothing really comforting I can say just now. So I am just sending big, big hugs.

  2. Sending lots of love your way and thinking of you this weekend.

  3. Love and comfort to you and your family...

  4. Oh, Lorrie, I am sending you much, much love! I have been in your place and both times we've definitely known. Our sweet dogs let us know in their own way. But, oh, it still makes me cry thinking about it. Much love and a big hug! Silke

  5. Lorrie!

    you are precious!
    i have loved and lost many a furry friend throughout my life..and yes, they do let you know...

    You have written a gentle post, and your thoughts and words seem to flow right from your heart...

    take your leisure and embrace the good in your life!

    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  6. hello sweet friend...i read this...and know this...all too well..

    i send love, hugs and peaceful dreams....


  7. Lorrie,
    You will know and it will be ok. Sending you all many blessings


  8. Lorrie your words from the heart are beautiful. My thoughts have been with you and your sweet Lilly. Take care and sweet blessings to you and your husband during this hard time.

  9. Oh Lorrie I was hoping you were going to be able to get away and give Lily another adventure. You and Bruce are in my thoughts.
    Love and hugs

  10. I love the picture at the start of this post, I am so sorry about your little dog ... I am having a well earned rest with my knitting needles...take care every blessing H