Monday, August 16, 2010

Morning hike

Returning from our camping trip, reentering "life" as I know it takes some adjustment. Driving back from our mountain getaway to home takes us about 5 hours so during that time I am able to reflect on the days past and slowly prepare myself for "life". One of my best times this week-end was a mountain hike we took. A meandering little trail, through forests, meadows, along rocky hill sides, and beside alpine lakes. Purple, white and yellow flowers carpeted the meadows. Small alpine lakes feed by little streams reflected mountains, skies, and clouds in the morning light. Our final destination was one particular lake that was so still and clear one could see the rocks and old dead trees laying on the bottom. Penny (our little Bichon) hiked the trail with great determination for a dog of 13 years, but settled for a ride home! It was a wonderful hike and a great way to spend the morning.


  1. Thanks for visiting today! Awwww look at your four-legged baby. How cute. My first Bichon used to love to go hiking and up the trails... she would go in white and come out BROWN! She was such a "tough powderpuff!"

    Have a great week ahead!

  2. Oh I love that photo of Penny in the back pack! She looks so sweet, and tired from having such a wonderful time. Glad to see you are enjoying your time out in nature. Don't you think camping, hiking and just being out in the beautiful country really helps you "see" things in a different light?

  3. Such beautiful pictures! What a great way to spend a few days! I am looking forward to seeing you at AAJ!

  4. Glad you had a nice camping trip... It is beautiful there. I wish I could hike like that again... Oh well... Lovely photos....

  5. Lorrie your pictures are wonderful- what a beautiful way to spend the day- we live in such a beautiful and amazing world- thank you for sharing the beauty of your day.

    I adore the picture with your sweet Penny... tooo cute!

  6. What a beautiful hike...if only you had room in your backpack for me, lol!

  7. penny is just darling...what a sweet little dog.....

    sending love,
    kary and teddy