Monday, January 24, 2011


Relaxing in the Mojave desert is what I've been up to for the past several days. It was glorious to get out of the dreary grey weather and soak up some sunshine for a few short days. The first photo I posted was the view out our trailer window for the time we were there. The desert is so vast it makes one feel small even tiny. I like that especially when I've allowed situations to become big in my mind, I can be in the desert and refocus. Walking along the sandy trails, through sage brush, yucca plants, and the oh so lovely Joshua tree I absorbed the emptiness of the desert and let go. Before I had gone I had purchased a little set of travel water colors and played with putting paint to paper. Again another lesson in letting go. Much of this week-end was spent in refection the desert does that to me it is quiet out there and all that space gives one the chance to ponder. I have more to say on this but not tonight I'll leave you all with a quote I found that I love."WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE SAME END. SO IT IS NOT SO MUCH WHICH ROAD YOU TAKE AS HOW YOU TAKE IT"


  1. It looks like the desert is a great place to put thing back in perspective.
    Love the quote!

  2. darling journal and wonderful watercolors, and the desert does that to me too, interesting, I think the minimalism of the landscape draws one in and the forest with all its exuberant beauty pulls me out... have safe travel! xo

  3. beautiful post lorrie

    loved the quote...

    and yes...the bread is gone...but yesterday i baked another one...into heavy bread baking over here...sending love today, my friend

    have a happy day

    kary and teddy

  4. As usual, your photos are stunning, the desert looks spectacular. Love your little watercolour journal too :-)

  5. Lucky you being in gorgeous nature like that! What a view! Love your journaling. Looks like so much fun.

  6. I have never spent much time in the desert, however, I am learning to appreciate it through your reflections. Your photos are beautiful as always. Pleased to read you had a relaxing few days. Lorrie...are you planning on going to Artfest?

  7. I always loved that about the desert! When we lived in the Albuquerque, I just had to look out over the valley or at the mountains and get perspective on anything that was going on at the moment. Love your watercolor paintings!! You are so talented!!! Love, Silke

  8. beautiful quote lorrie and i love your tiny watercolor art- so pretty.
    i have to say i am envious of your trailer travels, what a wonderful way to explore this beautiful world we live in and you can bring your art supplies along- i love it!