Thursday, February 24, 2011


My flight to another world is over, and it is as if one enters a special world to attend an art retreat. You are spoiled with no worldly cares, food is provided, creativity reigns, and for the most part one is trouble free. Rain drops on my cottage roof lulled me to sleep at night, mist through forest trees was heavy, giant wet snow flakes were a great surprise, my weekend was full of blissful moments. I carried those moments with me into my real world and it was good to remember. Today I remember mossy stairs, leading to covered forest floors damp with wilted flowers beaten by the rain. I remember happy smiles, friendly faces, words of encouragement, kindness and generosity. The beginning of new friendships the anticipation of the future.


  1. Now I know why they call it a retreat,
    a space of time to step sideways into a creative world. I'm glad yours was so rewarding.

  2. Beautiful-beautiful! Big sigh.... and are you getting snow too?
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. What a treat your words were...very moving and enticing.

  4. Those are the best kind of memories!
    Your photos are magical, always.

  5. My memories as well, Lorrie. Favor please...Lorie's email address. She dropped by my blog but left no contact. If you have her address I would love to be in touch.
    Thanks Sweetie and have an awesome day.

  6. It was fun bumping into you in Los Gatos, and it is always a joy to be at the retreat! I love your words and pictures here. I agree that it is like being in another world, it is a wonderful thing that we are so fortunate to participate in.