Friday, February 4, 2011


I've really been digging my heels in this winter and not doing much. Having been plagued with depression for many years of my life I'm always on the look out for its return. I don't think that is what is upon me at the moment I just think that the dismal cold days require a lot of energy to function and leave me with little creative energy. It is funny how now I feel as if I'm doing "nothing" if I'm not creating and yet I still get up go to work, shower, do chores around the house, meet with friends more than I ever did during my depressed years. I've enjoyed this "nesting" period but am feeling it coming to a close I'm getting restless for something more. I've been watching "DOWNTON ABBEY" on PBS it is excellent if you like period pieces from the turn of the century, you can watch it here. Also I discovered the dip pen in my journal class and have been using it to scratch entries into my daily journal. Something about the pen and ink changes my handwriting and it leaves a raised impression on the page that I like. I'm going to continue with nesting for the next couple of weeks, until I go to An Artful Journey, I'll use that as my jump start. The photo is a little dark, but is of my desk in the cozy basement where I've spent so much of my time this winter. The Journey is a poem by Mary Oliver one of my favorites, if you've not read it you must!


  1. Well, your post is certainly haunting, and I can wish you only the best. I truly love your handwriting and your message which are both so compelling. I hope this is the fork in the road that you are hoping for and your spirits are lifted. You are a talented soul and you most certainly DO a lot, each and every day. Keep your face to the sun, as they say. I know there are brighter days ahead.

  2. Oh I know exactly what you mean Lorrie. These long winter days do seem so dismal and tend to zap the energy from me.
    You just have to break the cycle and make your self get up and create- go for a walk- whatever lifts your spirit. I know it's easier said than done- I struggle with this too but I promise your spirit will be lifted if you work at it.

    Hugs to you dear Lorrie,

  3. We are all going through a bit of winter hibernation, it seems. Love your rendition of the poem. And - are you following its advice? Are you saving your own life?