Monday, May 11, 2009

Yeah!! A package came in the mail. I love to shop by mail order. I know little about the computer yet I know how to bid on an ebay auction and shop the etsy site. After the purchase it is always like the anticipation I had as a child at Christmas-waiting for the package to arrive. This package was well wrapped, double boxed, bubble wrapped and bubble wrapped some more. Inside was a treasure well worth the wait and the unpacking. A pottery squirrel by Julie Whitmore. I love her work and have started a small collection. She has an etsy store by her name JulieWhitmore. If I knew more about computers and less about shopping I would be able to leave you a direct link. That will be a question I ask in my next lesson.


  1. Oh, that's the cutest squirrel! What other animals do you have in your collection? I love little figures like that! :) Silke

  2. Little sister is watching...Magic links have appeared. Cute as a bug!!!

  3. Hi Miss Lorrie!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment for me to find! Hope you are still enjoying Finding Love.
    It is so nice to meet your blog! Congratulations on your blog, by the way. I see it is new for you and let me tell you, it is so lovely! Your pictures are magic! And, congratulations on your Somerset publication. We are sistahs in this issue though I am not so happy with my work - I made them a few months ago, just after starting out and feel I've learned a bit since then. I've gotten published twice now and the bad part is I haven't found my "voice" yet so I never like anything a short time later. But it's always an honor to get published, especially among talent like yours and your sister's.

    Well, I am glad to find your blog so I can follow you along on your journey. Thanks again for the visit!