Saturday, February 13, 2010

To be my best

Sitting in my car waiting for the sun to rise, watching rain gently fall, drinking coffee. Waiting, wanting, wanting changes but not knowing how to make them happen. Not quite sure what those changes should be. Fall is the time of year for settling in, winter the time for rest, spring the time for growth. Maybe that is what I'm feeling the start of spring, ready to shed the blanket of winter and stretch towards something new. I know the answer will come I just have to keep looking. So often in the past I've buried myself in numbness allowing things to just be ok. I want things to be better than ok, I want to live the best life I can live.


  1. Stop looking.
    Things ARE better than OK Lorrie - feel it in your heart.
    big hugs my friend.....

  2. And you deserve the best life you can live. Just take the first step...

  3. I think it's what we all want - to live the best life we can live. And I think that's why we are all always changing, trying new things, meeting new people! You deserve it all and that first step will be easy when you get that quiet knowing of what's next!! Much love, Silke

  4. Oh deserve all the best...

    you're such a kind and caring person...

    so Happy to call you friend..

    sending love to you today on Valentines Day, my dear

    kary and buddy

  5. Cheers! Here's to growth and vigorous living! Who needs to wait for spring?