Monday, February 1, 2010


Here at last, it feels so good to be home. Back amongst my stuff. I just wandered the rooms touching, picking up items feeling home in my hands. I've not been away from home this long in several years. It was necessary to reacquaint myself with my surroundings. My dogs were happy to see me but I think they were more excited to see my husband who had only been gone an hour to pick me up. Lily found the doggy toy I brought home for her and Penny found the airline peanuts I had tucked in my purse. Dogs have amazing noses!!! I am adjusting to the quiet of my home, unwinding from 10 days of being "on". I slowly feel myself shutting off and I want to take a nap, join the dogs on the couch. It will be good to be in my own bed tonight, and awaken to that cup of coffee in bed.


  1. Welcome back in your home, Lorrie! Good to be in your own surroundings, I am sure.

  2. Welcome home, Lorrie!! Get a good rest and enjoy your husband, dogs and your home!! Love, Silke

  3. welcome home. lorrie....there is NOTHING better than being HOME ....and being back with your doggys....

    thanks for stopping by to visit today....

    glad you home, friend

    sending love
    kary and buddy