Sunday, June 27, 2010


"IN JUNE, AS MANY AS A DOZEN SPECIES MAY BURST THEIR BUDS ON A SINGLE DAY. NO MAN CAN HEED ALL OF THESE ANNIVERSARIES; NO MAN CAN IGNORE ALL OF THEM" aldo leopold. Hydrangeas those beautiful oversize flowers of all shades of blue, pink, purple, white and even green. They are the backdrop for so many old fashion gardens. In my neighborhood they are abundant and I even have them in my front yard. They are original to the house that was built in 1936 and I love the idea of them being around and blooming every summer there after. I've planted more in my back yard and hope that they will be around for years to come. I love how they turn different shades of color depending on what mix the soil is. Dried out they are as beautiful a flower as on the plant fresh. Hydrangeas remind me of the hot days of summer which have finally arrived in northern Ca. so today I will enjoy the heat. Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.


  1. I have a lovely one with lacy flowers in my garden and was persuaded to buy a blue one in a pot recently. It has given me sucha an unexpected lot of pleasure as have your gorgeous photographs.

  2. they are just beautiful, summery....

    just beautiful photographs.....

    thinking about you

  3. They are just gorgeous, Lorrie! They don't seem to thrive in my garden. That is, they do fine during the summer - but the winter really gets to them. Although they thrive in the neighbour's gardens...

  4. We don't have any but luckily our neighbor does so we get to enjoy them...they sure are beautiful...

  5. so very very beautiful Lorrie- they are my favorite flower. I can't keep mine the pretty blue color but pink is still so lovely.

  6. Such glorious subtle colours.

  7. Absolutely stunning. I feel an enamelled brooch coming on...

  8. Nice! They're great flowers. Growing hydrangeas on the Georgia coast has been a mixed bag -- some varieties do very well, others not. But we're happy for those we've got.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful photos, and gorgeous hydrangeas :-) I even have one in my garden that flowers every year, even up here in the chilly north of England!

  10. these are my absolute favourite flower and I dearly miss having them.
    our backyard in our old house was full of hydrangea bushes!
    and yes, i used to dry them and decorate the house with them!

    miss them...

    the tiny florals make for great pressed projects....flatten some out today and send me some, okay? okay, thanks! heheee...

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina