Saturday, November 20, 2010

Precious time

The hours in the day are short this time of year and daylight is precious. I feel that way about life a little bit, time is precious. It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and that means Christmas is right around the corner. It is also the time of year that my birthday arrives and all these events put me in a dizzy spinning mood. There are changes in the air this year in our family. My mom has been going through some difficult times and has had to make some adjustments in her life style. It has included much family effort especially that of my sister. I am going there the week-end of Thanksgiving to offer love and support, I am anxious to see the changes that have taken place. Change is difficult and hard to maintain. Getting old is not easy, there is no instruction manuel and it is hard to know if the decisions one makes are the correct ones. I am hoping that these changes my mother is making will make for some happy golden years, time is precious and I want to experience the best that we can. So far my mother is happy and motivated and I am grateful.


  1. Its funny I have been thinking a lot about growing old and its been making me feel quite sad, perhaps its november, dark nights and a horrid chest infection that wont go away...your photographs are, as always ...lovely

  2. It's wonderful that your sister is close enough to your mom to help...and that you go to support them both when you can. It's so nice to see that kind of family dynamic.

  3. Enjoy your the precious time together. I'm sure your holiday will be beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pretty pictures.
    All my best,

  4. Well said... Enjoy the time with your mom and sister... Time is, as you say, precious...

  5. Transitions are always difficult. Enjoy the time with your mom and sister, it is precious.

  6. ...yes...transitions are difficult...we have had some here too with johns dad this year...

    lorrie....i enjoy our friendship so much in blogland and i want to wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  7. Lorrie, enjoy the holiday season, your birthday and your precious time with your mother and family. The shorter days allow us to be together with loved ones more. Happy Thanksgiving, Paula

  8. I certainly understand the changes aging can bring. I, too, went through them with my sweet mom. Being there for each other with love and support is so essential. So glad you have your sis. Wishing you a wonderful birthday celebration and Thanksgiving with loved ones.

  9. Sending hugs and prayers to you and Julie, Lorrie. xox Lorie