Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Visiting the Mojave

I've been away from my blog for a few days. Visiting the desert and having a good time. Time slows way down during my days in the desert and I got to spend time watching the sun move across the sky. This time of year the sun barely gets up before it starts to set and it tends to make me feel lazy all day. Light is always filtered and golden. Penny Penny and I went on several walks during our time in the desert. There is not much to see this time of year, everything is sleeping or getting ready for sleep. Colors are washed out, muted, dusty. But still we enjoyed the peace and quiet. I did notice that there has been rain in the washes and reading the local paper it predicts that there will be a beautiful spring of desert flowers. It will be fun to return in the spring and see the differences.


  1. loved this lorrie...and love seeing your sweet Penny..i was just looking at pictures of last Thanksgiving and saw a bunch with Buddy {me....crying now}....we sure loved that little guy so much !!!!!!
    but, now i am looking at Teddy and my heart is filled with love :-)

    where were you in the desert? we got Teddy in Anza.
    the cookies: super easy to make with a bowl and a wooden spoon...just blend it till it all comes together...if you have any questions..email me !!!
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  2. Your photos are awesome, as always. You have the eye for photography. I have never been to the desert, so I really enjoy your photos.

  3. that first photo of Penny looking down the road is amazing. you are a wonderful photographer.

  4. and a little dog will lead them...she's so sweet!

  5. Stunning photography as always :-) Reading your blog makes me wish wish wish I could go and see the desert and spend some slow quiet time x

  6. love your photos, and they make me miss CA so much. been away too in the studio busy working! xo

  7. I can't even hope to see it so its lovely to see it through your eyes.