Tuesday, November 30, 2010


ALWAYS LEAVE ENOUGH ROOM IN YOUR LIFE TO DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, SATISFIED, OR EVEN JOYOUS. paul hawkin. Today I had coffee with my sister something that makes me happy. I had greek yogurt with raspberries another thing that makes me happy. What did you to add joy and happiness to your life today?


  1. Looks like Mickey Mouse's cactus sister to me! Joy and happiness for me lately is the wonderful thought of rescuing a dog. I am deeply missing having a furry one around to love and take care of. I hope you're having a wonderful day.

  2. Love that quote!! Today I stopped, dropped everything....and painted a canvas....just swooshed colors around for the fun of it.

  3. I spent a couple of hours thinking about the connections I have made blogging and how they have enriched my life.
    Thank you for your friendship.

  4. Hmmm. In a moment I am going to get my spray inks out and spray some tags - that will add some happiness to my day. This afternon I am going to school and will be practising the school show with 120 of my little lovelies aged 7 - 9. That may bring me some joy and happiness, however it may all go wrong and I could be left feeling very grumpy!! Who knows?! Children are unpredictable.... The photo of your cactus made me smile :-)

  5. thanks for reminding me to do this and I love the happy face scratched into the prickly pear! very fun!

  6. Brilliant what a wonderful quote, I am happy to be at home, a whole snow week in front of the fire knitting...bliss

  7. Beautiful quote. I hope you had a lovely day on Monday.

  8. love the quote...and you know what makes me happy......TEDDY


    sending love to you today....

    kary and teddy