Monday, March 21, 2011


I would like to think that every day I get up and learn a lesson that makes me a little better of a person then I was the day before. Somedays the lessons are easy to learn and others not so. I spent the past 3 days in the desert . It is a time of quiet and solitude. I talk little and see no one. Time was spent exploring the desert for signs of spring, seeing new out of old and something out of nothing. I see my time in the desert as a sort of prayer. My communication with my spiritual self and an outside source of power. All of it the ride down, the setting up of the trailer, the morning walks, the journal work is part of the process. Something negative happened this time to destroy my peace of mind. Towing the trailer through a storm-the little trailer was bouncing and shaking and I was afraid if I looked up I would see it beside me instead of behind in me the rearview mirror! Fortunately all worked out and we arrived at our destination without incident. This is a lesson for me in control, something I have to work on. I could not control the weather and I can't control my husband. I just had to sit and be. It is so hard to do. JUST BE.


  1. Sit and BE! This is a foreign language to me. I guess we only learn from practice.
    I'll be thinking of you, sitting and being....
    Big hugs,

  2. A difficult feat to achieve under such circumstances.
    Love that first photos!

  3. I know how much you love your beloved pleased that you were able to spend time just being again and getting in touch with your true wonderful self. Thank goodness you and hubby are okay and safe.
    Your photos continue to inspire me.

  4. We always seem in tune I have been thinking similar thoughts...I want to also learn new lessons and walk a differnt and better path...

  5. Oh, this made me giggle! I have been in that seat, and have actually seen the trailer come up beside me on the interstate! I was busy trying to "JUST BE". It was long ago...and we are still married! ha TM is quite difficult when pulling an RV.

  6. I love the desert too, my husband and i spend time every year there (sometimes a few times a year). my time spent there can be spiritual too. I really love it.

    I do know what you mean about just being. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes not. But trying always counts.

    for the photos, go to dashboard, then template, you have to choose one of these to be able to enlarge your pictures. I also drug the slider bar over on the sidebar to allow for more room in the blog area. Then when you make a post, you have to use Blogger in Draft, it's at the bottom of your dashboard. when you upload each photo, click on it and you will have a choice which size you prefer. I hope this helps! please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

  7. i can imagine your fear driving in the storm. i have never like driving when the weather is in an upheaval. my husband thinks the speed limit is the same no matter the conditions and that just send me over the edge!
    i hope the desert brought you some rest.

  8. Its hard to let go though isn't it?