Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday rainday

I've had a quiet week-end. Still coming down from my recent art retreat and resting from my work week. Yesterday I went to another bead show and it was wonderful. I'm preparing myself for a giant of all shows the Tucson Gem and Bead show that is in Feb 2012. A friend and I are talking about going to it. I really think that going to smaller shows to begin with would be a good thing, because it is overwhelming at first to go into an auditorium full of beads and gemstones. The one I went to yesterday had 120 vendors and I was in shock and awe. Spending several hours there I wandered around just touching beads and stones feeling the smoothness through my fingers, the cool touch and glassy finish. I am finding that I like the cut of the micro faceted gemstones they seem to catch the light and sparkle so , but they are always the most expensive! Today I'm dodging raindrops as I run outside trying to capture sparkling drops of water on beautiful fruit tree blossoms. It is raining and day that calls for a nap.


  1. Your pictures are always so beautiful. Looks like rain here but nothing yet. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Lovely photos. I love quiet weekends, and even more so, when on those quiet weekends it peaceful.

  3. it was a rainy day yesterday so I enjoyed a good nap- i love those kind of days!
    your photograph is beautiful- what a lovely shot you catured!

    have a lovely week

  4. All these photos with raindrops are stunning!
    Sometimes I need quiet weekend :)
    This the Tucson Gem and Bead show sounds very exiting. I hope you will bring some pictures from it.

  5. What gorgeous photos- feel like Spring.