Friday, April 24, 2009

I hit my favorite thrift store today, ARF. I love animals especially dogs and anything I can do for the better of them I am glad to. And when I find a treasure or two it makes it even nicer. This store is the best place for old books and at 50cents a piece I don't feel guilty about cutting them up. I use old books to create poetry a favorite past time of mine. Along with the old books I found today I got an old candy dish that I thought would make a pretty container for some of my beads another passion of mine. The beads I bought when visiting my sister this past weekend. One could   not be lucky enough to find beads and books in the same store. I even travel to another state for my beads!  I know there must be good bead stores nearby I just have not discovered them yet.


  1. Nice finds! We were planning to go to a used book sale today, but the weather was so nice we went for a walk on the beach... I hope you post some of your poetry and whatever you create with your beads! :) Silke

  2. Your beads are lovely. You are the sister of that CUTE Julie. I think she is a sweetie and so kind and talented. I'm sure you are as well.