Sunday, January 31, 2010

Final Day

Today is the last full day of the visit with my mother. My mind is full. I miss home my husband, and doggies. And yet I worry about my mother-I think she is doing well enough to be left alone, I worry about her doing too much. Also it has been nice being near my sister and for those who read both of our blogs you know she is going through a difficult time right now. It has been nice to be able to support her during this long, lonely and trying first week. Thank goodness for art-it does "save lives". Yesterday I discovered several packets of Twinkling H2os in my mothers stash of supplies, what fun they are to play with. I love how they sparkle on the page once they dry. I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon playing with them. I just want to thank everyone for the words of encouragement this past week. I've used my blog as a space to vent and it has been good to be supported.


  1. Lorrie, Its wonderful you can all be there for eachother. I was cleaning out my storage shelf and found brand new never used stamp pads, and some of those very same sparkly paints.
    A craft store in my very own linen cupboard!
    Bet the dogs will be happy to see you

  2. Hello from Iowa! Not sure how I came upon your blog, but have enjoyed my visit! I haven't tried the twinkling H2o's yet...but it's on my list! Sending you best wishes and warm thoughts as your mother recuperates.

  3. Dear Lorrie, I've missed quite bit these last few days! Sounds like your visit to help take care of your mom was both difficult and also satisfying. I am so happy you were there for both your mom and your sister at this time!! And that you got to do some fun art!! I love the little piece you did with the twinkling paint. How fun!! Safe Travels, Lorrie!! Love, Silke

  4. Lorrie, I hope your mom feels stonger and better. I'm sure she's benefited from your loving care (even though it's hard to give at times). My mom just had surgery and I know a little of what you're experiencing. I sure agree with you that art helps us all deal with life's ups and downs. Have a safe trip home.

  5. oh honey. i've been there. x

  6. Yes, art does save. Glad you were able to enjoy the week and I am sure you will be glad to get home...

  7. Lorrie I am so happy that you could be with your Mom and sweet Julie. You have a big heart. Sending prayers your way.

  8. hello dear glad you are home safely and are back holding your doggies....if that won't make you feel good.......

    sending good thoughts and prayers to you and your family...

    we love you...
    kary and buddy