Sunday, December 5, 2010


TODAY YOU ARE YOU, THAT IS TRUER THAN TRUE. THERE IS NO ONE ALIVE WHO IS YOUER THAN YOU. dr. seuss. It is one of those rainy lazy Sundays. I'm sitting by my space heater keeping nice and warm and thinking about how over all my life is good. Today I am happy to be me. That has taken me some work and time, it was not always like that. Liking myself I find I have to be true to myself and that is something I still work at, it is difficult for me to set boundaries. I'm still afraid of hurting peoples feelings, and need to learn ways to be gentle and kind. Being true to myself requires that I know myself, my inner voice is very quiet and I have to listen carefully. Surrounding myself with positive people helps keep that voice alive and is one of the things I've done to help myself. It meant cutting out the negative, which has not been easy but has been so important for me. Everyday I learn more, for me life is about the journey and so every day has become very important, and not just another step towards some final destination. My photo is of a Nina Bagley charm, you can find her work at Ornamental.


  1. Beautiful post Lorrie.
    I have only met you once but I sense that you are the most gentle and kind soul there is.

  2. I journey we share my friend...I am also going through a similar process...trying to be a half full person...battling with my mind and its tendancy towards the negative...and a battle it is...but we can support one another and encourage...

  3. Your words are beautiful Lorrie, thank you for sharing.

  4. I always love your heartfelt and beautiful posts. I agree with you. Happy happy holidays to you my friend.

  5. Isn't that truly the truth?!? There's always such wisdom in your posts! I was just thinking that I need to be careful to not let myself be pulled in a million different directions again now that I am home. I like how calm and focused I feel when I'm away and don't have the everyday "stuff" to deal with. It's such a balancing act, isn't it?!? Love, Silke