Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good and Plenty

Having the day off of work, I spent much of the time with a tiny crochet hook and silk thread working on necklaces for my sister. It becomes very trance like for me-when I am not breaking the thread and swearing like a sailor! Much of my thoughts today were on the fact that it is a narrow walk for me to keep others happy and keep my sense of self intact. This has become a practice for me in the past few days. Old behavior is not comfortable any longer-the clothes no longer fit. Yet I've not had experience with the new behavior for it to feel right either. I want to run and hide, but the old hiding places are no longer there. Life has changed and that is good. I'm changing-one can teach an old dog new tricks. I'm becoming more self assured, more comfortable in my own skin. I tell myself "I more than enough-I'm good enough just the way I am" Deep thoughts for a day with a little crochet hook!


  1. I adore your necklaces!
    you bet you are fine just the way you are

  2. oh i love these. will you be putting any on etsy? the tiny crochet is just precious.
    keep up the positive thoughts lorrie, you are indeed good enough.

  3. you do beautiful work, with hand and heart...

  4. You are wonderful just as you are! Glad you are learning new tricks.
    Those necklaces for your sister's new shop are so lovely - like a glimpse of a clear blue sky early in the morning... bird song... so serene!

  5. These are so adorable!

  6. OMG! These pieces are amazing and remind me of the beach.
    I wish I was your sister!
    Do you sell these?

  7. The design looks amazing. I think that your sister would treasure it. It is a piece of art.

  8. Your necklaces are gorgeous- delicate, a little old fashioned, beautiful color combinations. Will they be sold online? Etsy or through Julie's shop? I also agree with you how challenging change can be.

  9. Delicious! Fabulous! How wonderful to be able to create from what you learned in Nina's class. I love the opportunities that are presenting themselves to the new you.

    I absolutely can relate to when the body changes so does the mind. You go girl!

    Thrilled for Julie and her new endeavors. How wonderful for both of you.
    Hugs my friend and the best of luck in creating and selling.

  10. You always make such beautiful art :) These will be perfect for the store!