Friday, June 3, 2011

Shades of Blue

Resting after three long days at work. We had planned to go camping this week-end, but the pass is closed due to late snow and we cannot get to our trailer. Weather is crazy all over the country, these are unsettling times we live in. I promised my sister that I would make five necklaces for her shop by August so I've started the task. I'm slowly going, getting distracted easily. Tomorrow my art friends get together so meeting with them will help keep me on track for several hours. I love doing to crochet part of the necklace, but find that I stall at the metal work part, it is something I don't feel very comfortable with. And yet mixing the two elements together is so important for an interesting necklace. I'm trying to stay relaxed about the whole process, I have until August. I hope you all have a creative and fun filled week-end.


  1. lorrie...your necklaces are so the blue colors...just beautiful....

    so happy to see you today...i sure missed without a computer is no fun...i am so happy to be back

    i gave teddy a hug...
    have a wonderful weekend too, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  2. Beautiful work... looks so relaxing! Have with your friends this weekend.

  3. Oh Wow! The colors are my favorite! I love what you are doing here! Hope it is a relaxing weekend for you.; -)

  4. So excited to see you making jewelry - you make such wonderful necklaces. Have a great time with your art friends and have a lovely weekend, despite the 's'-word (do you know it really freaks me to read that you have 's' in California in JUNE!).

  5. blue is my favorite color, and the necklace you're working on looks quite lovely. i love the little birds and the tiny nest of eggs in that third photo. will that be a part of the necklace, or is it a part of another piece?

    p.s. thanks for your kind words over at my place :)

  6. A beautiful shade of blue. There is a certain summertime feeling in it. From the picture, I can see that it's going to be beautiful.

  7. Oh I have so enjoyed my catch up here. I've been a very bad blog reader lately, my list is long. Yours is one of my favourites and I was determined to catch up. I've feasted my eyes on the beautiful light in your pictures. I have missed out on sweet peas this year..its been so dreary that we get gardening until it as too late, so it was good to see and enjoy yours second hand.I find it amazing to think there's still snow there.
    The macaroons made me excited. I've been seeing them on blogs and wanted some for ages, and in July we ar e going to Paris!!!
    A lovely lot of posts. thank you.

  8. hi lorrie, i have been off-line for awhile but i wanted to stop by and say hello- there is so much goodness to catch up on. your necklace is wonderful- i love the tiny birds SO much. i hope all is well and that you are enjoying these summer days!

  9. This looks so so pretty! Best of luck with the metal.