Saturday, June 11, 2011


I can't describe the day better than happy. Post work and tired, ready to rest and taking it easy. A morning walk up the hills behind our house. The hills are golden brown, ready for the long warm days of summer. Past the cemetery full of silly goats there for weed control, their bleating calls a source of great entertainment. Views of the strait with glimpses of fishing boats and sail boats puts one in a summer mood. Part of the day was spent digging in dirt as I planted impatiens in pots around the yard. I love the spots of bright color that easy to take care of flower provides. "ONE MADE A CLIMATE WITHIN A CLIMATE; ONE MADE THE DAYS--THE COMPLEXION, THE SPECIAL FLAVOR, THE SPECIAL HAPPINESS OF EVERY DAY AS IT PASSED; ONE MADE LIFE. willa cather


  1. And I thought my not quite awake mind was playing silly tricks on me: '... the cemetary full of silly goats...' - now that is a vision that will accompany me all day.LOL Thanks for this!

  2. You live in a lovely place... and this post is lovely, too - thanks for sharing the good things of your day, with us :)

  3. Looks like a lovely place to walk...
    Enjoy your weekend...a time to recharge our batteries with all the
    things we love!

  4. what a wonderful day you had lorrie, it sounds perfect to me, and what a lovely quote. i am going to remember that.