Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy bee

Nature will bear the closest inspection.
She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf and take an insect view of its plain.
The busy bee, so intent on gathering pollen he did not mind me getting close with my camera. Look at his heavy legs, I hope he can fly back to his hive. Spring is a busy active time of year. I prefer the laid back chill of autumn. But must admit the sun is nice after days of rain. To you folk who are still under blankets of snow the spring cannot come soon enough. Every season unique i its gifts to be enjoyed, that what keeps life interesting.


  1. I think one of those muscari blossoms would make a nice hat for her.

  2. whata beautiful image of spring!!!

  3. I love muscari! I wish they were already blooming here! But at present, I can't even see the snow drops - they have been covered again.

  4. Iam one of those under the snow blanket and your lovely photos keep me so buoyed up in anticipation! thanks!

  5. I totally agree, each season has its own splendor and magic and I think at the close of each season we find even greater appreciation of the upcoming one.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos - what an incredible shade of blue. I'm longing to see our flowers bud and bloom soon.

  6. Love the blue flowers and bee. Your nature photos always amaze me and these give me spring fever. Thanks for sharing. You'd have a great time doing this on a hike or in the city with a group of friends and then journaling about your experiences.

  7. yes it does! As much as I long for spring to come here I know that every drop of snow is filling our water tables and that is important but your images make me even the more hungrier for spring to come- as always your images are beautiful.

  8. gosh! i am in love with the bee.
    how wonderful are those photos.
    your blog is taking it.s journey quite well.
    i love it here.