Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soul Collage

When I was at an Artful Journey we spent one evening doing Soul Collage. It is a fun, creative and relaxing process. That night we were lead through a guided meditation of the energy fields in our body. When we were done we were to make collage cards choosing images that spoke to us emotionally not aesthetically. At first this was difficult for me and then I began going for the bright colors (unusual for me). I decided I would throw the cards away when I was done and just have fun. One card I went crazy with playing with the bright magic markers and moving my hands alot. It seemed as if I was buzzing inside. After a while I settled down a little and made a card that I really liked and did not throw away but keep hanging in my studio to remind me of the wonderful weekend I had in the misty woods full of energy and life.


  1. They are both beautiful...but the misty woods speak to me...

  2. I love doing collages - a great expressive way to show yourself.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pieces Lorrie.

  3. Love what you did. I just was reading about guided meditation and would love to try it!

  4. They are both gorgeous! And even though they are bright and colorful, they also feel peaceful. Love them!! Love, Silke

  5. These are both beautiful in different ways! I love the vibrant bird amidst the coolness of the forest.What a lovely blog and I enjoyed my first visit- I look forward to returning!

  6. isn't it freeing to break out of the norm? i never used to use yellow and orange and now i love them both! so glad you had such a wonderful experience soul collaging! i've always liked the idea of that.

  7. love the collages, they are always so much fun to do!

  8. i found that my soul collage was difficult at first, even though the ENTIRE time i was at "an artful journey" i was mostly doing collage.
    it was different to do it trying to be in touch with "myself" "my.soul"
    i loved the way it turned out though actually.
    i really like yours too.
    so envious that you are going to artfest.
    can.t wait to hear how wonderful it is.

  9. love it...the flow, the colours....everything is great! you are so creative! i love that!

    have a great weekend

  10. Wonderful, Lorrie. I especially like the woodland with the blue mushroom and the scarlet bird. But I believe the exuberant flower one could be the real you - if you would just let yourself...