Friday, March 19, 2010

Self portrait running errands

A week from today I'll be at ARTFEST and I'm only now getting ready. I spent part of the morning running errands following a list I had made earlier in the week trying to get organized. Out and about I remembered it was Friday and snapped a quick photo of myself-one that shows off that deep crease between my eyebrows. It is always there good mood or bad, stress or no stress. My mind has frozen itself at the age physically of about 38 and so it is difficult to look in the mirror and see the reflection of who I am now. Taking these pictures are helping because I do truly like the person I am and want to accept the whole package.


  1. I was having the exact same thought today - time to accept the whole package - the age I am! I love that self-portrait of yours and did a little double take - you look so much like my mother's side of the family. It's uncanny, really! Beautiful!! Love, Silke

  2. I stayed 39 all through my 40s until I turned 49. Now I'm 49... really... and I was going to remain 49 until I turned 59, but I've changed my mind. In about 3 weeks I'll be 50... and I'm going to embrace it! Love your self portrait...

  3. I started walking with 2 women at work at lunch time and we were just talking about how we find ourselves frozen in a time until we look in the mirror - we feel a certain age and assume people view us at that same young age we fantasize about. Reality has a way of setting in.
    You settle it so beautifully though.....thanks my friend!

  4. oh i LOVE your self portrait too.
    i am incredibly envious that you are going to ARTFEST!
    can.t wait to see all the wonderful things you come home with.
    please DO share.
    happy weekend.

  5. mmmh still haven't started yet. Lucky you going to Artfest, what are you going to do there

  6. I have that same deep crease- mine has always bothered me. I even tried a little botox and guess what- it's still there! I just try not to squint as much!!!!
    I love your self portraits :)

  7. i wish you were going today...when did i think it was a good idea?? ha ha...i am going to show up and have fun today...yes...embracing the creases i have between my eyebrows!

  8. I wish I were going to Artfest! I can't wait to hear about your journey!
    Safe travels.


  9. such a lovely self sweetie, life is good!

  10. I like your self portrait and I admire your frankness, I have been thinking along similar lines. I hate that I feel the need to edit photos of myself as they dont fit my idea of me! Stupid!

    Sarah x