Saturday, June 26, 2010

Napa flea market

Saturday, after two days of doing not much of anything. I got up early and drove to Napa to a little flea market. Yes I live within driving distance of Napa CA. the gateway of wine country in Ca. I am lucky to live so close and yet I never go there. It was lovely to see the vineyards and I wondered to myself why I stay away. I guess as with most things that are close by one thinks you will always get to them later. It was good to get up early, hit the road, and be out and about. I've been slow to do anything taking great care of myself. I find that the sadness I feel for my ill dog has made me tired and listless. But as time goes on I am learning to live with it and am processing it better. Also it is easier to know that the time will come to let her go the sicker she becomes. Although some days she has amazing turn arounds and is like her old self. I no longer question it but am taking one day at a time. I hope you all are having a great week-end.


  1. Good for you to get out! I know the sadness seems to flavour everything, but, but you still need to take care of yourself and try to bring some happiness in your life. Hugs!!!

  2. i remember forcing myself to drive to a farmstand after i lost Buddy..i had a very heavy heart..i bought brown eggs, a basket of strawberries and a little jar of blackberry jam....that is a special jar of jam in my kitchen...

    thinking of you today....

  3. oh my goodness...all those white porcelain drooling! You and julie find the best things!!!!! Must be in the blood. Like bloodhounds for wonderful things!