Monday, December 13, 2010

Mix and match

As I said earlier I've been cleaning and sorting. Going slowly through things getting a jump start on spring cleaning. I've spent time in my second bedroom, it is full of all my art supplies. The supplies slow me to a near stop, at every turn I see something I've forgotten. Projects partially done, items bought for projects not started. I found this little piece tucked away in the corner and dusted it off, it was something I made a while back and had forgotten about-well it is the perfect home for the little Cathy Cullis doll I had sitting on my bookcase that needed a home. Check out her blog she does beautiful paintings, embroidery, and has a poetry blog. Treasures keep popping up around my house it is like Christmas a week early.


  1. I need to start reorganizing too. Love your found poetry and the little doll looks like she has always been right there.

  2. I am reorganizing today- I found some lovely things I had forgotten about.
    I love your piece- I am going to check out Cathy's blog.

    Happy day to you dear Lorrie

  3. You and I have been doing the same I know exactly what you mean about buying supplies for projects that never get completed, finding items you had long forgotten. Have fun discovering lost treasures and embracing fond memories. Wishing you and your hubby a blessed holiday season.

  4. I love this piece, its are clever...

  5. OOoh I love this! Glad you found it again!