Friday, December 10, 2010

Treasured memories

A MEMORY IS WHAT IS LEFT WHEN SOMETHING HAPPENS AND DOES NOT COMPLETELY UNHAPPEN. edward de bono. I've had some time off and we usually go to our trailer but due to weather we are staying home. So instead I've been cleaning, sorting, and throwing things away. Going through "my stuff" stirring up memories. I still miss Lily every day and often think I hear her in the house. I found this old photo of the three of us taken one winter day in Santa Fe. I remember the day so clearly, it was beautiful. Sparkling snow like diamonds, Lily running through the woods, she loved to dig and roll in snow. Crisp fresh air to breath. Good memories and ones I love to reflect on. It slows down the cleaning process but makes it like a treasure hunt full of precious times and moments.


  1. The love in your heart for lily will never die and the photo is a lovely reminder of the happiness you brought her and her you...

  2. I know how you are missing Lily. I can still hardly bear to look at photos of my kitties that have passed, and it has been 2 1/2 and 4 years respectively. Glad you are reliving the good moments.

  3. i'm crying..i know the love we have for never leaves our hearts..what a precious photograph..a treasure...

    when i got out the christmas decorations i knew it would be tough. i remember putting them away last year..well, throwing them in bags is more like it..i knew then something was wrong with buddy...when i took the tree down last year i started crying...i had a funny feeling it was buddy's last christmas...i have his little box of ashes right here on the piano..right where i set it when i brought his ashes home in March. i have a little piece of christmas cloth on top and his about a heartbreak...and then i go and love my sweet teddy and start crying again because i love him so much...oh, they steal our hearts..i know you understand ...we both love our doggys so much....

    happy to share this with you...we are a kindred spirit, lorrie...

    sending love
    kary and teddy

  4. Sending you lots of love....we are missing our sweet Luke too. They will always be a part of our heart.

  5. good for you enjoying the beautiful memories and going through things so bravely. this is a wonderful photo and the love is palpable. xx's

  6. This is such a beautiful photo. One of the first posts I read of yours was about your Lily, from there I found a new blog friend, a kindred spirit. Lily will always live in your heart.