Sunday, December 19, 2010

What now?

Currently I have nothing going on. My life is rather boring and dull, but to me it feels peaceful and calm. This is what I did this rainy Sunday finished reading a book, had coffee with my best friend, sat in front of a fire, and held a warm dog in my lap. I am waiting for the next thing to happen. We leave Thursday for a trip to Scottsdale to spend Christmas with my mother, it will be the first time in years we have been together for this holiday. I'm looking forward to it. My presents are wrapped and under the tree, there is no last minute frenzy to take part in-I am ready. I hope you all are having a happy and joyous holiday season.


  1. what a cute little button, hope you have a wonderful time with your mother, lucky you, my dear mother has been gone over 16 years but I think of both my parents especially at this time of the year and wonderful Christmas's spent with them, treasure your moments.

  2. Wishing you continued peace and calm. Have a wonderful time with the family at Christmas!

  3. I wish you and yours a very joyful and peaceful christmas....

  4. and her fireplace is working. It just needs the wall painted. But is is so nice .Hope the cushions come for the sofa !! I think it will be a good Christmas. I know I am blessed .

  5. Have a great trip to Arizona and Christmas with
    your mother and family. This holiday season is all about finding peace with one's self and the world. Enjoy!

  6. Merry Christmas dear Lorrie and have a wonderful time with your Mom.

  7. Lorrie,
    Your little sweetie brought tears to my eyes. This picture is so precious and the thought of holding a doggie in my lap... well let's just say that I am praying for the right one to come my way soon. I've started the search for a rescue Bichon. I miss my boy so much and it's been hard during the holiday without him.

    I'm happy that we are friends and I wish you and yours a beautiful Christmas and lovely holiday season.


  8. Merry Christmas, Lorrie.
    Hope its lovely there, in every way

  9. What a cutie! Enjoy the time with your Mother, it's so important! I miss my Mother so much she's been gone 16 years now. Sounds like you will enjoy a stress free, & memorable holiday! Merry Christmas!

  10. How wonderful to have everything done..the only think enjoy the moments to come.Wonderful to meet you and enjoy every second with Momma and family.Hugs,Cat

  11. that little doggy is so adorable....

    you're on the road...

    but thinking of you and wishing you Happy Holidays

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  12. Sounds like you will have a peaceful holiday....the best kind!!! Enjoy!!! Kisses to your little sweetie.