Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today I got to spend the morning with my best friend. She has reduced her work hours and wanted to spend part of her first day off with me! I felt lucky and blessed. We spent the morning sitting around my dinning room table, drinking coffee, and visiting. We also were working on various projects her-monster dolls and me my journal. I always feel so much better after time spent with a good friend. One who understands you and if they don't, cares enough to listen and try to understand. Helping you solve problems or at least listening to you. Having someone in your life that listens to you and really hears you is so important. My husband bless his heart listens to me but I don't know if he always hears me. But I forgive him that, after all he lives with me day in and out. Today was a day for listening, hearing and sharing.


  1. We're lucky, lucky, lucky to have treasured friends in our lives. I know it's been said a thousand times..but it's so true. You can't pick your family..but you can pick your friends .......

    Friends bring ALOT of happiness....

    and oh, yes, the pumpkin is grey..actually, it's a really dark blue. pretty, huh?

  2. hey lovie....i came home and followed the doctors orders...after the nap i fed the dogs, walked the dogs, got bio information ready for the art show this friday night, fixed dinner, finished two more monsters and marked off some belts for bottle caps...good lord....i can't wait for my energy to return so that i can get something done around here....tee hee....i loved our visit....and thanks for sharing your day off with me!!!

  3. You are always a good listener and a good sharer!

  4. Oh, that sounds so perfect! There's nothing like a wonderful day spent with a good friend!! You are lucky! Hugs, Silke