Friday, October 16, 2009


Memories of Monday and Disneyland continue to float through my head. I can't get away from the sound of children's laughter and glee. Their excited loud voices crying out or making train sounds down the corridor of a hotel. Me-worried that I was disturbing people behind closed doors and then remembering that this was Disneyland! Making messes at dinner and having the waiters not seem to mind. I loved that time slowed down although I had difficulty slowing down. I have alot of trouble with memories of my own childhood and so it was nice to spend a day and know that I must have been like this at one time or another. To be so free and have things so simple. I marveled at the curiosity and the never ending supply of energy. I was so happy for my mother who got to watch her great grandchildren enjoy life to the fullest. I talked with my mother today, she is home, resting and I hope she feels good knowing that the little ones and this big one had a great treat.


  1. It is a wonderful thing that your mother was able to be there - made it all the more special! It truly was a memorable event and I'm so happy you're holding tight to those wonderful memories.

  2. What nice memories to wrote about it beautifully...and your photographs were outstanding.....really enjoyed reading this....


  3. Oh, what a wonderful time you must have had! Making new memories with the young and the young-at-heart! I'm so glad you got to play and have fun... Hugs, Silke

  4. Hoping you are having a great weekend - hold on to the happy thoughts of children's laughter...