Monday, October 19, 2009


Currently I am taking an online point and shoot journaling class from LK Ludwig. I find that I like the format of an online class. It allows me to take the class when ever I feel like it, to repeat it as necessary and to not feel any pressure. The first assignment was Resonate-to relate harmoniously. You had to pick two photos from your collection that struck a cord with you either visually or emotionally. Writing down a list of verbs and adjectives you wrote out feeling sentences, that expressed your feelings around the photos. Using a white gel pen I wrote the words and sentences on my photos. I then scratched the photos using a paper clip-I like the worn torn up look that this achieved. Photos of big ripe pumpkins "echoed" my thoughts of the first two photos I had chosen. The words that came up for me were pregnant, full, complete, proud, robust, satisfaction, finished. "Satisfied of a job well done, her tired trunk bent with the weight of her plump harvest."


  1. Oh, these are wonderful, Lorrie! So glad you shared. I love them! If you like to distress your photos - have you ever tried a Scotch Brite pad?

  2. Your photos and journal entries make me want to see them up close. I'm glad that you're enjoying LK's online class. I still have to do my homework.

  3. how fun- there are a few online classes I would love to take- this one looks good. Love what you wrote.