Friday, May 28, 2010

Self portrait Friday-cherries

My cherry stick is loaded this year. I mentioned last year that I have a cherry tree in my back yard that has few limbs on it so I call it my cherry stick. This year it has over done inself in its crop of cherries and I have requested that my husband get out the ladder and pick them. I am anxious for him to do so because I've seen many a bird sitting on the tree pecking away to their hearts delight. I love cherries they are one of my favorite fruits. "ONE MUST ASK CHILDREN AND BIRDS HOW CHERRIES AND STRAWBERRIES TASTE" goethe.


  1. A wonderful abundance! Cherries are my favourite too. Your portrait is full of sun glow. Penny x

  2. Beautiful cherries and portrait...

  3. Lovely - both the cherries and you!!!!!

  4. nice photos as usual darling...thanks for being so life is better with you in it!!!

  5. oooh...i adore cherries too! it's fun to pick them, only your fingers get stained with the black ones! (My favourite)

    do you make cherry pie or treats...or just eat them all up ?

    do you check for worms? or just eat them all up?

    ciao bella
    thanks for stopping in
    creative carmelina

  6. What a fabulous portrait of you. The cherries look delicious!

  7. Maybe it found an underground spring!