Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time heals

That old saying time heals all wounds is true, at least for this wounded heart. I'm feeling better and more of myself. Things at work have not really changed but time and distance always helps a problem and I am feeling better. I still miss my friend who is no longer at work, and will continue to miss her but know I must move on. This week-end away in the forest was great. We are unable to go to our favorite ridge because the snow is still too deep. So instead we went to Mono Lake and the forest area around it. Many trees have fallen and make wonderful homes for chipmunks and squirrels, I spent hours trying to get photos of the frisky beasts but eventually gave up. Instead took pictures of logs they were much better at holding still!!! Driving home the mountain passes were full of budding aspen trees, and dogwood trees. It was beautiful and mesmerizing I got lost in thought and time passed swiftly. Now I'm mentally preparing myself to return to work after having 6 glorious days off.


  1. sorry to read of your wounded heart, but yes i agree that time heals all wounds and i am basing this on experience.
    it's up to us how well the wound heals :)

    i like the sound of your forest... lovely photos.
    not easy to return to work after a glorious time away.

    best of luck and thank you for your visit with me

  2. so crucial is nature to healing.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Again... lovely photos... and I didn't say it in my last comment, but I think the photo of you in the last post is my favorite self portrait so far... It seems very much to capture your inner peace while you are in the forest...

  4. absolutely love the gnarly wood photos! such beautiful surrounding to refresh your spirit!

  5. Our hearts mend. We have the scars to show that we are alive. Wishing you a week of wonders and love.

  6. it is amazing how mother nature can heal our suffering souls. You are so lucky to go on these beautiful getaways. Have a great day Lori.

    Ps. I am attending the art nest- I wish you could go. I met your sister there last year- she was such a sweetie. she helped my daughter as she struggled with her painting.

  7. we must be in rythm my friend, I am also feeling so much better and work is also improving for me...so pleased for you...H

  8. so understandable, how healing time is in the woods. this is strong medicine for me, and i'm happy that you had the quiet time to breathe, to reflect.
    thinking of you, as i write this in your home state of california.....xxxxxx

  9. glad your heart is healing. your photos are wonderful great chewy organic texture!