Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday hike

I can't believe that May is nearly over. Our weather is cold and still rainy, this is very unusual for northern CA. at this time of year. In fact we cancelled our camping trip because there is suppose to be thunder storms and snow in the mountains and we just did not want to deal with it. Now with no plans for the Memorial Day week-end I'll just have to be creative. This past Sunday we went for a hike up in the hills behind our house. The hills can't decide if they want to turn brown for the summer or stay green with the late spring rains. Clover was abundant but I was not lucky enough to find one with four leafs. Dragon flies and butterflies followed us up the path and the oak trees shaded us with their new spring foliage. At the top of the hill is an old windmill from long gone farm, it was creaking in the wind and slowly turning its old rusty paddles. I'm sure my week-end will include more explorations up the hill.


  1. such a lovely post! i would like to go camping here in Finland, mostly in the hills... to sleep under the stars would be wonderful.


  2. Looks like it was a lovely hike and as if there is much more to to explore and discover up that hill!

  3. well that's what's called bending with the made the best out of a change of plans.... sounds as though you had fun in spite of the T-storms...

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. chilly and rainy here too! all the flowers are way behind! strange weather, but you are making the most of it! good for you!! your clover shot is precious!

  5. Let's hope the rain lets up soon. You get used to the steady drizzle in the NW but this Spring we've had more downpours than usual and everyone is tired of it. Please let the sun shine! Have a great weekend, Lorrie.