Saturday, August 22, 2009


Saturday morning and I am trying to leave the work week behind, but it is difficult for me. Yesterday late afternoon at work I witnessed two women in a nasty discussion. The type that happens after someone holds things in for a long time and is frustrated and angry. It was ugly and loud, and I was dragged into it in a small way, it happened quickly and by surprise. I did not respond as gracefully as I would have liked and I hurt someones feelings. This bothers me today and I can't let it go. Under the circumstances I know I spoke my truth but it did not come out the way I like to say things. Today I am resentful. I dislike it when people let things fester and do not speak up when things are bothering them and then blast away in an angry fit. It is nonproductive and hurts everyone around them especially those the anger is directed at. I came home from work feeling as if I had been in a fist fight. I can't imagine how the two other women felt. Today I woke up with a headache. I wish this was one of my long weekends. But I only have two days to process through this and recover. I'm glad I have this blog that I can vent a little bit about it, it always helps to write things down. You all have a good weekend I'm going to go and find something fun and distracting to do.


  1. sorry dear. I hate when this happens. We have someone like that at work. She always blows her top at the most inopportune times. Hope you find time to refuel and rejuevenate this weekend!

  2. I am sorry to hear you were pulled into someone else's dispute. It's so upsetting! Now, I am especially grateful that you still came to visit my blog even though you are feeling bad. I hope you find some peace and a new feeling of optimism and strength before you go back to work. And when you do, you can pull both of those ladies into your good energy and all will be resolved. So sorry you had to experience that! Love, Silke

  3. Lorrie,
    sorry to hear about this. I know you are very sensitive and take this things very much to heart. But I say - let it go! Maybe you should try something I have heard the native peoples of America do: dig a hole in the ground and say all of what you would like to get off your mind and heart into the hole. If that seems too "silly", write it on a piece of paper and place it in the hole. Then replace the earth back into the hole and let Mother Earth disintegrate your troubles.
    What I mean is, the longer you dwell on such a disturbing incident, the longer you will be feeling unhappy about it.
    I hope you find your piece of mind again soon! And I am hoping we will be treated with some more of your art soon.

  4. Art is good therapy- whether it's your photography, journal pages or mixed media collages. Hope the weekend brought you some peace, quiet and time to regroup.