Monday, August 31, 2009


Cool drink in hand, shower taken, and bags unpacked. I've returned from my weekend away refreshed and ready to take on life anew. Some of you have ask to see my "art" work. I must admit to being shy to show you what I do. I call it art work because I use all the supplies paint, pencils, chalks, glue, ect. ect. But I really do not create anything close to art. I keep my self entertained and I feel better when I am done so I feel my work is productive and I would be lost without it. Right now I bought a large spiral bound book that has heavy paper in it and I paint it with many layers of paint. I than collage the edges of the page with images from magazines that I like. I add words, colors, doodles, or what ever moves me. I'm always adding to the page. The center of the page I leave blank to do my writing in. This is how I spent a good portion of my past few days cutting, pasting, and painting. Click on the images for a closer view.


  1. Welcome back, Lorrie! Glad you had a good weekend and are feeling refreshed! Thanks for sharing your art - I love your journal pages! And of course they are art!!! Very lovely!!

  2. What you create is most certainly art! Thanks for sharing it with us.