Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Although I did my best to let the issues of work go. Work did not let the issues go. Management was called in about the "altercation" between the two women at work on Friday. Monday morning the staff was given a short but stern lecture re:gossip and negative behavior. I was called into the managers office on Monday afternoon for a friendly visit to talk about "issues" of the department. My work place has alot of growing pains with two young inexperienced managers. It was a small "mom&pop" business bought out by a large cooperation and is undergoing major changes. People are angry, frustrated and afraid. Management either doesn't care or doesn't know how to deal with it. I do believe that things will improve, it will just take time. Until that time comes, I need to figure out how to keep a positive attitude and not be overwhelmed by the negative. I tend to be very quiet and when others are talking negative I agree with my silence. I need to learn to speak up and stop the negative talk and keep things on a positive track.


  1. Poor Lorrie! It can be so awful when your work day is full of negative energy. It just drains all the energy out of you. I know! I hope this situation does not continue... but as I know human nature...
    Treat yourself to something that makes you happy; sit on the porch in the evening and listen to the birds sing; have a glas of wine or read a favorite book. Anything that will lift your spirits again!
    And remember, we are here!

  2. So sorry work is so uncomfortable.
    I can sure relate since my personality sounds just like yours - I am quiet and people mistake my quietness for negative, unfriendly or whatever. Hang in there - I know you have a good head on your shoulders - try to keep that good positive attitude - things will improve. In the meantime, we are here for you.