Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saving money

It has been a few days since I've posted or checked out all my blogs. I've been at work and my husband as disconnected our internet service. He is currently unemployed and spends much of his free time trying to figure out how to save money. One of the ways he does that is shop around for cheaper phone and internet service. I appreciate the effort but not the inconvenience, currently I am sitting in my car picking up free internet service in the local downtown. I must remember my motto to be grateful, at least there is free internet service otherwise I would be really out of luck. And I could have a husband who did not care about the money and that would be an awful thing. We were busy at work so I am resting today. But I feel the urge to start creating again. I'm not sure what direction it will be but it feels good to have interest in that area again. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I love that you care so much about your blog and others to seek out internet service in your car. We have felt the ecomomic crunch here too...and even though we have gone from a 3000 square foot house to a 1000 square foot cottage...I too remember to be grateful. I have my poodle with me and am able to keep feeding my 4 cats...2 of 'em are strays..but they are hungry, looking in thru the window every morning and could I say no...I just can't resist them. I'll dye my own hair so I can feed them....and I am grateful..


  2. Thats the trouble isn't ot with blogs and dependancy on the internet? It costs money which we may not always have. At least you can get it free in the car. I don't think we can do that legally here.Hope he finds a job soon.

  3. Lorrie,

    One way I've deciced to economize is with food. There's a new show in the cooking channel tomorrow, i think at noon, dinner for ten dollars!! Hooray! More money for feedsack aprons and old books......

  4. Money is always tight here Lorrie....and like your husband, you do what you have to. Life is not always the PRETTY that you think you see on everyone's blogs, as you can see by those of us responding, we all share common problems! Thinking of you and hoping the best for your husband. BTW, I hope you know I always appreciate your sweet comments!

  5. it is good to see you on posts again darling...ahhhh....boyz...they are the bestest huh? see you monday at one thirty-ish...much love

  6. What a trooper you are to seek out a spot to connect with us. I would miss you so much.
    I appreciate you, your wisdom, and your lovely photos.
    As you know there are so many of us out in that same boat with you, cutting back and watching all expenses. I'm honored to share that boat with you!

    When I think about the expenses for internet, cell phone, etc. that we did not have 10 years ago it blows my mind. On one hand the connections and ways we are able to reach out to so many is such a blessing, yet the expense is not.

    I'm anxious to see where your creative urges take you.........

  7. Hi Lorrie,

    Oh, so many of us are in the same boat as you are. I am always looking at ways to save or take advantage of a deal.

    We've stopped indulging in many of the things we used to think we couldn't live without - coffees, eating out, books, CD's. Now, we occasionally make our own coffees, we cook (and we love it), we grow some of our own food, and we frequent the library and thrift stores for books.

    And I shop around for deals. Last year, we saved $200 by changing our car insurance carrier to AAA. We also no longer have a land line phone, which has cut down on our expenses there.

    I love that you feel strongly enough about your blog to sit in your car and look for free internet connections. You are the best!! And when you don't post, I miss you!! Looking forward to your next creative endeavor!

    Hugs, Silke

  8. You are a sweet wife ...blogging is very special, I think.