Tuesday, August 18, 2009


You are looking at a picture of my new "office". We are still without phone or internet service. Sometimes I want to ring my husbands neck, but then I try and remember he is only doing what he thinks is best. And yes we are suppose to get phone service this week. I had another good walk with my friend. We have some of the best conversations and it always helps me to see things a little clearer at least for a little while. Today our subject was how to help someone who seems to be in a miserable place? I've learned that no one can "fix" someone else, you can only take care of yourself. I am hoping in that taking care of my self- that the better I feel the easier it will be for me to handle the difficult times and make things easier for those around me. If I am stronger, I can be there for those I love and be less effected by their moods and attitudes. It is so easy to dwell on the negative and forget what your life is full of. If I can keep my attitude positive maybe I can pass that on to those I love through osmosis.


  1. Oh, so true Lorrie! You and your friend have the best conversations!! I think you are so right - when we are feeling good and centered (for lack of a better word), those around us will pick up on that and it'll help to uplift them even without us saying anything. You are doing so well to take care of yourself! Even (or especially) when things are tough. Love, Silke

    P.S. You are so very resourceful with your temporary office!

  2. Osmosis is working! You always help to keep me positive.

  3. You are always positive Lorrie, and I'm sure this reflects on all around you!

  4. Well, at least you new office is easy to clean!
    I still have dial up to get connected and no cell phone. Now I won't feel so guilty when i order a new Jacques Pepin cookbook.


  5. Well, I must say your office looks much neater and less cluttered than mine! That's a plus! It is amazing to read the stories of people that have become very very good at what they do - you can find stories of living in vans or tents or in all sorts of conditions but their attitude kept those things small and their passions for what they were meant to do large. So, having to blog in the car might just be in your life story some day of how you got to be where ever it is you end up - I'm sure it will be on top!

  6. Doing what you have to do and making the best of it....I have been plugging along here myself..some days seem long and endless..other days are more positve. I think everybody has good and bad. And it's those who can admit that it's not always "perfect"..well, those are the ones I want to call "friend".
    A good friend always wants the best for you."Friends who aren't with you in the down times"...I say leave 'em at the gate.

    Best to you,

  7. lovely blog today darling...love the private office you have chosen too...thanks so much for sharing your thoughts...hmmm...living by them...loving by them...i am praying for a couple people today!

  8. I am missing you sooo much and my emial will not send emails it is going to the apple store it get fixed sunday can they "fix" bruce too tee hee