Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Walk

I am back at work these three days. We are busy and my days are full. I go to work and for 12 hours think of nothing but the task in front of me and as the day progresses I think about how my feet hurt. I come to realize that after 12 hours no pair of shoes would feel good so I've quite looking for that perfect pair. Occasionally during my day I think about something besides the job and this week I've been thinking about I walk I got to go on with a friend the day before I returned to work. It is so good for me to spend time with friends. Like I said in an earlier post I don't have alot of friends but I treasure the ones I have. Thinking about the walk I realize how important it is to physically be with another person, feel their energy, hear their ideas, and know their love.


  1. I totally agree Lorrie! I don't have a lot of friends, and my best friend lives far away! I love to walk, but haven't done much of that in a long long time. My walk is here with all of you! But I miss the physical part of it, and it is wonderful to share ideas or just everyday happenings with someone who sees things from another perspective.

  2. Walking is such a rejuvenation for the soul! Great way to clear your head!

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  3. Standing for that long can be hard on your feet & back...ouch! Have you tried 'Crocs'??? Not always the prettiest shoes (they do have some cute sandals) but they are comfy on your feet!

  4. Hi Miss Lorrie! I've been slacking in my blog visiting and you have so many lovely pictures and things written to catch up on. I am sorry about your internet - but you are right to appreciate your husband's efforts. I keep praying that things will look up soon and when they do you'll feel so strong and proud for the sacrifices you both have made to keep things manageable and you will have so much appreciation for things many of us take for granted when we are precariously close to the same situation ourselves. Appreciating the little things, like sweet corn and walks with friends and holly hocks (loved the pictures - my grandma used to sit on her porch and pick some and make little fairies for me with them) is how we should all live every single day. It truly provides a much richer life in the way we should want to feel rich!

  5. There are few melancholy moods that cannot be at least partially lifted by time, especially a walk outdoors, with friends.

  6. I was going to suggest croc's too - I can wear them all day long, walking, standing, whatever - they are so comfortable and keep my feet from aching.
    I hope you can "feel" your blog friends - we're here for you!

  7. hi sweet lori !! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog !! i sure hope we can catch up sometime and have an art day when you are here !! i would soo love to hang with you and julie and just create !!

  8. Hi Lorrie! You are so right about physically being with friends - there's nothing like it! Even so, I am happy for internet, skype, cheap calling cards so I can stay in touch with all my friends who live far away as well...

    I see someone has already mentioned crocs. Daniel just saw a podiatrist who said that they are some of the best shoes out there. I got my pair yesterday and they feel great!

    Be sure you stop by my blog - it's giveaway time...

    Love, Silke

  9. Lorrie.. that's funny ! We would have loved to have you here....we had an empty seat...and you're not that far away......

    Happy Saturday!