Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grey-lonely days

Primroses that bright splash of color in the garden section on these grey winter days. I'm feeling a little grey myself today-missing my sister. The joy that company brings is always replaced with an empty hole once they leave. It always takes me a few days to adjust to being alone. I will be in Scottsdale in the next 2 weeks so I will see her and my mother soon. My mother was not as lucky as we had thought, and does have a kidney tumor. She will have to have the entire kidney removed, fortunately her other kidney is very healthy. Removing the kidney will be considered a "cure" and no chemo or radiation will be necessary-Thank goodness! My guts about this tell me that everything will be ok, I just wish my mother did not have to go through something so major. But all in all we are very lucky.


  1. Lorrie..sorry to hear about your mom...but looks like she will be o.k.

    Kinda grey and lonley here today too...after having John here with me all weekend working in the garden and bbqing our supper..he is back at work,and i am home alone.but i do have buddy and the kitty cats ..i am going to go get buddys refill of cough syrup at the pharmacy and then go get a pot roast for tomorrow's storm....cozy food.....

    kary and buddy

  2. i am so sorry about your mum and send love and prayers....how lovely to haveshared such a wonderful weekend with your sister and friends

  3. Lorrie I am so sorry about your Mom. Be positive and remember she has a good healthy kidney. It is awful that she has to go through this (for her and for you all) but be strong for her. She will be OK!

    What a wonderful weekend it must have been - thank you for sharing so many pictures. Keep those weekend memories close to get you through the trial with your Mom.

  4. Lorrie, I am very sorry to hear that your mom has to have major surgery, but glad that that will be all the treatment she will need. I have a feeling that all will be well!

    And I know just what you mean about need to adjust after dear company leaves. I even have that problem when Daniel starts back to school and is gone most of the day...

    Wishing you bright splashes of color every day!! Love, Silke

  5. So sorry to hear that you mom needs surgery, but it is good news that she will not need radiation or chemo! Get yourself a primrose or two, make something for yourself - for comfort.

  6. Lorrie..just checking in on you and your mom...
    Hope all is well..

    Thinking about you, dear one.

    Kary and Buddy