Sunday, January 3, 2010


I've set up a quiet little place in the basement to work. It is warm in our basement we have a pellet stove that burns away with a bright cheerful flame. To my right is my computer that I have Pandora Radio playing through and at my little "desk" I've been messing around in my journal. I can stop and catch my breath and look no further for happiness. I've found happiness in a dark, crowded, overfull basement. On the pages of old books, words pop up, cut out-I arrange them in some sort of order. I call them poems for lack of a better word but they are nonsense except to me. My journal pages are full of nonsensical images cut from magazines colored with crayons, and pencils, words written that make little sense. Its a place I allow myself to play and I LOVE IT!!!


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  2. OOPS!
    I had a very exciteable child on my right whilst trying to type a message and it all went a bit wrong, hence the deleting of it!


    What I was trying to write was this: I love your journal work and your poems, they are beautiful. I also envy you your basement space, I would love somewhere like that to retreat to!

    Much love
    Julia x

  3. Lorrie...looks like a wonderful place to be creative and have it....

    am excited for you about attending Nina's workshop...can't wait to hear more about it...I love her things too....

    more later, dear one

    kary and buddy

  4. We have the same creative spot in the house with our Pandora radio - this is too freaky!
    P.S. love your journal.

  5. Love that you have found a place for yourself. Let your creativity fly!

  6. Lorrie, Your new studio sounds warm and cozy- a sacred spot to create. Enjoy it.

  7. what a lovely way to fill your day..I had a day of naughty teenagers...want to swap?

  8. You sound perfectly happy with your new creative space! I love your journal work and your poetry!! Glad you found happiness!! Love, Silke