Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Repeating routines

Tomorrow I head out to Scottsdale to be with my mom for her surgery, she is having surgery on Friday. I feel very positive about this and think everything will be ok. I hope to be able to spend time with my sister creating, I'm taking one extra suitcase full of art supplies. I will miss being at home and the routine of daily life. I tend to find it boring and repetitious when I live it day in and out. But when I'm away I miss it terribly, the dogs, and my husband their little routines. I especially miss my morning cup of coffee in bed that my husband brings me every day I have off! My routines will be missed. I suppose one has to be away from them from time to time to realize just how precious they are.


  1. Hoping everything will go well for your mom and you find some time to create with your sister.

  2. The only thing we can do in these situations is remain positive. I wish your Mum a speedy recovery!

  3. sound just like me....i want to go and then get homesick...arggg. i try and tell myself not to do it....tell myself..enjoy'll be back home before you know it...that trip julie and i took back to new england for 14 days...poor julie..i cried the whole time..always showing her pictures of john and buddy..telling julie..aren't they cute? julie: yes, they really are..she is a sweet one..that julie...

    hope you get this before you leave..wishing all the best for your mom..and a speedy recovery as well......

    sending love and best wishes to you, dear one

    kary and buddy

  4. so beautifully said and just think how much you will appreciate them all when you get home.
    Big, big wishes for a speedy recovery for your Mom and enjoy the time with her and having fun with Julie!

  5. Just checking in Lorrie to see how your mother is doing! I hope all went well. She'll benefit so much from having you there... And you'll love your routines again when you get home! Love, Silke