Sunday, January 17, 2010

Soul work

Creating is always good for the soul. I am involved in a round robin, one that includes a huge book measuring 13x16 inches. Each woman gets to do a spread, I am use to working small so it has been a challenge to think big. Yesterday I got busy with paint and collage sheets of Teesha Moores and used one of my "poems". Listening to good music I created for several hours and totally lost myself in the process. When I was done I realized I had spent several hours free of negative thoughts, that my mind felt refreshed and that I was tired but in a good way. Today I'm going to repeat the process, I'm discovering that it is way for me to stop the process of the negative talk in my mind-to create art.


  1. Isn't it a wonderful way to just get into the flow of creativity? I love it!! Did the same thing today - was feeling very blah and just made myself go paint. I felt to much better afterwards!! Your spread is going to be gorgeous. I love the colors you are using and all the little collage elements!! Love, Silke

  2. what a fabulous undertaking! Roll with it Lorrie - I love it!
    Keep the art alive and push that negative aside.

  3. That spread is looking fabulous, Lorrie! I am so glad that you have realized that your art is where you can keep the negative chatter at bay...

  4. Yummy! Got to go have another look! :O)