Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday evening, home from work. Sitting on the back deck smelling fresh cut grass and the smokey goodness of someones barbecue. Raindrops on my head! What is this? It is June in California the rain is suppose to be gone. There is one dark cloud right over our house and I have to stay outside because I'm "borrowing"the neighbors wireless (my internet doesn't work in the house). This is when blogging scares me, when the most exciting moment of my day was having someone at work get upset at me and not letting it bother me. Other peoples lives sound so interesting full of fun activities, art, children and sometimes mine seems rather dull. But this blog has become part of my daily routine and you are all part of that. It has become important to me and I would miss it and you if you were not there. Thanks for being there. P.S. the nasturtiums survived the lawn mower when my husband cut the grass.


  1. Lorrie,
    everyone has days full of boring hum drum events. It is just a matter of perspective, what we concentrate on.
    Your nasturtium is lovely, I really love those flowers. Sometime I pick a couple and put them in tiny little vases, so that I can appreciate their intricate beauty.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. I guess we are in the same boat. My life is boring too. Good for you not letting someone at work get to you though!

    ps, gorgeous flowers!

  3. Thanks for sharing yourself with me and the world!
    Your pictures are absolutely amazing - you have quite a talent for capturing beautiful shots

  4. Beautifully photographed nasturtiums Lily, especially your close ups of these lovely flowers.

  5. I want to come and sit on your patio and look at your nasturtiums. Hum drum days make up most of our lives but the important stuff is seeing the beauty around you ....really seeing it. I sense that is what you do.. Barb

  6. left you a little something on my blog!

  7. Love your nasturtium photos and appreciate your blog and sharing- what a great way to relax and stay connected to your friends.

  8. If you want to talk about dull lives we'd have to include mine - especially the last two weeks! I think we all feel like the grass is greener so you and your life are someone else's green grass too! I think you are doing such a lovely job on your blog. You are a regular visit for me (when I am home!) and I love what you share with us!


  9. Funny how we look at life. I feel mine is really hum drum and yours very exciting. You seem to have time to enjoy the simple things around you and sometimes that is the important things.
    I love your garden and find it very enjoyable to look and hear about it.
    You and Julie are going to have such great blogging stories when you get home and can hardly wait to hear them.