Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bird Walk

Thick fog was in the air as my husband and I walked along a closed highway road. Fog horns cried their lonely melancholy song in the distance. And the birdsong kept us company up close. There was much chirping and singing amongst the birds today. It was a cool but not cold walk. Colors were muted and the woods is finally asleep for the winter. Greys, browns, rusts, tans, and varied shades of tired green fill the landscape. The air was heavy and our muted footsteps were silenced as soon as they landed on the ground. I start back to work after a period of time off. Getting in touch with nature is always good for my soul.


  1. Hello, dear lady! I am so very behind on blogs - I've tried to skim through and get caught up to where I left off and I'm ashamed I had to go several pages back. But, I am so thankful that your mom is doing better and that you had a lovely visit with your sister and that you are still taking in and sharing all the beautiful things you see and do. I loved your Disneyland posts as I just went there myself - truly is a magical place!
    Well, I wanted to at least come by and send some very big wishes for a very blissful Christmas and Happy New Year full of good things!

  2. I'm so happy you get to connect with such beautiful nature on your walks! I haven't been walking in a few days and you are reminding me to do that!! Thank you!! Love, SIlke

  3. if you do not have your blogs made into a book...shame on you...your writing is superb darling...i love the way the words sing a song when i read them....loving your stories...
    see you sunday? hope so....

  4. The softness of your photos never ceases to amaze me. I agree with you about the experience of connecting with your soul through nature and being outdoors.

  5. Hi Lorrie..I just loved the walk in the woods with you...beautiful photographs....

    Thanks for the good wishes for Buddy..He is at The Golden Paw RIGHT NOW..getting all fixed up and pretty for Christmas...and he is doing SO GOOD..we ( the vet) had the pharmacy here make a special cherry cough syrup for Buddy..and it WORKS ! Peace and sleep once again.....

    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas week, my friend....

    Kary and Buddy